Scientifically researches whole animals

Milk, meat and fur. We live surrounded by “gifts” from animals every day. The relationship between us and them continuing since ten thousand years ago will last without end, even it has changed greatly nowadays.

The department educates and researches comprehensively from birth/growth of animals to products utilization, aiming at clarification of life phenomena which surround animals and their ecosystems, also effective utilization of products. We are the group exploring science for entire animals and environment which surrounds them.


  • Department of Animal Science is comprised of following 6 fields.

  • In the department, you can learn by broad curriculum ranging from animal production, basics of animal science and products utilization.

  • We perform education staying in close communication with farms and pastures in Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere.

  • Curriculum is organized via cooperation of Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine which has many common contents in basic subjects, thus fulfilling contents of education.