Considering of environment preservation and an effective use of forest resources

You might often hear the phrases “forest devastation”, “global warming”, “maintaining species diversity”, etc. Today for us, preservation of natural environment and recycling-based use of resources are becoming more important tasks for the future. To answer these tasks, the Department of Forest Science is engaged in comprehensive education and research aiming at various cultivation and use of forest, as well as better preservation of nature and living environment.

At our department, we engage in forest and use of its products based on both of natural science and social science by fieldworks availing vast Research Forest, in addition to lectures and experiments inside the university. We consider about a harmonized way of forest and human society.


  • Department of Forest Science is comprised of following 9 fields.

  • Our goal is cultivation / preservation of forest
    and utilization of forest resources toward construction of sustainable society.

  • Researches that “understands”, “preserves and cultivates”, “keep alive” and “supports” forest are developed in a wide scale from the molecular level to ecosystem level.

  • Practical trainings or researches are proceeding by using world-class wide Research Forest which has 70,000ha large area.