The Research Faculty of Agriculture stands at the forefront of research on food security, bio-resource management, bio-mass energy supply and environmental conservation through restructuring of systematized agriculture. A progressive approach has been taken to food safety and the effective utilization of biomass, sustainable management of water and land resources, and exploiting new technologies for energy and food through use of biotic sequences, local system development for rejuvenation of agriculture and forestry, and environmental ageing and its restoration. Out-reach activities are conducted through research institutes, collaborative industries, administrative agencies and overseas bases, which become a bridge around the world.

The Research Faculty of Agriculture consists of the following 2 divisions, 9 research groups and 60 laboratories.

Division of Fundamental Agriscience Research

Research Group of Agrobiology and Bioresources

Research Group of Applied Bioscience

Research Group of Bioscience and Chemistry

Research Group of Forest Science

Research Group of Animal Science

Research Group of Bioresource and Environmental Engineering

Research Group of Agricultural Economics

Division of Research Innovation and Cooperation

Cooperative Research Group

Integrated Research Group

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