A long and illustrious history for Sapporo Agricultural College since its foundation in 1875

Agricultural science at Hokkaido University provides challenges for integrating pure and applied sciences. Beginning in 1875, the long and celebrated history of Sapporo Agricultural College has yielded 56 education fields within 7 departments. Education is provided in all fields to address global issues that threaten the survival of humanity through the application of cutting-edge research initiatives.

Alumni who have graduated from the school of agriculture have branched out into a multitude of different careers, while cultivating diverse skills, talents and expertise. Since the first 13 alumni graduated from Sapporo Agricultural College in 1880, being the first in their field in Japan, a total of 16,500 alumni from the school of agriculture, Hokkaido University, have now graduated and established careers that have variously contributed to sustaining the foundations of human society.