If you want to pursue your study at the Graduate School of Agriculture, you have to find your prospective supervisor among the faculty members in the field of your interest. Faculty member information is available on the website of each division or at the HU Researchers Database. When you contact a faculty member, please provide him/her your information such as academic background, your study and research plan, your financial situation (get a scholarship, etc.). You can apply for admission after you get his/her consent of acceptance. 

In order to prevent COVID-19 infection, the examination may be conducted with contents different from those described in the Application Guidelines, or the examination may be postponed or canceled.

Master’s Course

Entrance examination for Master’s course will be held twice a year, in August and February. Please note you will enroll in the Graduate School of Agriculture in April even if you pass the first-term examination. October entrants will be accepted only by the Global Education Program for Agriscience Frontiers.(hereinafter referred to as the Special English Program)

Entrance exam in August
Guideline for 2025 Enrollment (PDF) 

Entrance exam in February
Guideline for 2022 Enrollment(2nd-Term Exam)(PDF) ※Finished

Doctoral Course

Generally, doctoral course applicants have to take the entrance examination in February and the successful applicants will enroll in the doctoral course in April. The special selection for working students who have the full-time job (at the research/education institute etc.) will be held not only in February but also in August. The successful applicant of the special selection in August will be admitted to enroll in the doctoral course in October. Also, October enrollment is available if you apply for the Special English Program.

Entrance exam in February
Guideline for 2022 Enrollment(PDF) ※Finished

Research Student (non-regular student)

Your prospective supervisor may advise you to apply for research student (non-regular student) prior to your graduate study in order to get used to your life at Hokkaido University by learning Japanese and to prepare for your research. You can decide the period as a research student by consulting your prospective supervisor, but generally 6 months or 1 year (from April or October) is suitable. For the detailed application procedure, please contact the student affairs section. 

Global Education Program for AgriScience Frontiers

Graduate School of Agriculture will offer the Global Education Program for AgriScience Frontiers (Master’s course and Doctoral course) for international students. Japanese proficiency is not required as all the lectures, research work, and thesis work are conducted in English in the program. In the program, April entrants and October entrants are acceptable. For the detailed information of the special program, please refer the website “The Special English Program”.

Guideline for applicants to the Global Education Program for AgriScience Frontiers 2024
Master’s Course (PDF)         
Doctoral Course (PDF)          

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