This division consists of 5 chairs: Ecology and systematics, Regional environment, Science of forest resources, Integrated forest-landscape management, and Bio-production engineering. Each chair has several education and research fields. The major educational themes of the chairs are as follows:

  1. Elucidating biodiversity of bio-resources and its utilization and management;
  2. Monitoring of regional environmental resources including microclimate, soil processes, and hydrology and their management and control;
  3. Elucidating physiology and ecology of forest bio-resources and their sustainable use and management;
  4. Development of technology and policy for management, conservation, restoration, and multiple-use of forests and landscape, and mitigation of natural disaster linking with earth surface processes;and
  5. Construction of environmental friendly system of bio-production and material cycling.

To foster successors contributing to sustainable development is aimed at through these educations and researches.