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Monitoring and modeling of biogeochemical material cycling through soil


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  • TOMA Yo
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Selected Publications

  1. Toma Y, Clifton-Brown J, Sugiyama S, Nakaboh M, Hatano R, Fernández GF, Stewart JR, Nishiwaki A, Yamada T: Soil carbon stocks and carbon sequestration rates in semi-natural grassland in Aso region, Kumamoto, southern Japan. Global Change Biology, 19, 1676-1687 (2013). DOI:
  2. Nakayama Noriko, Toma Y, Iwai Y, Furutani H, Hondo T, Hatano R, Toyoda M: A mass spectrometric multiple soil-gas flux measurement system with portable high-resolution mass spectrometer MULTUM coupled to automatic chamber for continuous field observation. Atmos. Meas. Tech., 13, 6657-6673 (2020). DOI:
  3. Kitamura R, Sugiyama C, Yasuda K, Nagatake A, Yuan Y, Du J, Yamaki N, Taira K, Kawai M, Hatano R: Effects of three types of organic fertilizers on greenhouse gas emissions in a grassland on Andosol in Southern Hokkaido, Japan. Front. Sustain. Food Syst., 5, 64963 (2021). DOI:
  4. Li X, Toma Y, Yeluripati J, Iwasaki S, Bellingrath-Kimura SD, Jones EO, Hatano R: Estimating agro-ecosystem carbon balance of northern Japan, and comparing the change in carbon stock by soil inventory and net biome productivity. Sci. Total Environ., 554-555, 293-302 (2016). DOI:
  5. Oomori S, Toma Y, Nagata O, Ueno H: Effects of bamboo biochar application on global warming in paddy fields in Ehime prefecture, Southern Japan. Soil Sci. Plant Nutri., 62, 553-560 (2016). DOI: 10.1080/00380768.2016.1235961

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