Event Calender

Month Event
April Entrance Ceremony*
Course Registration
June HU Festival (No Lectures/ Courses)
Thesis Submission Deadline for DC
August Thesis Submission Deadline for MC
Oral Defense for both MC and DC
Summer Break (untill the end of September)
September Graduation Ceremony
Farewell Party
October Orientation
Welcome Party
Course Registration
December Winter Break (untill the beginning of January)
January Thesis Submission Deadline for DC*
Oral Defense for DC*
February Thesis Submission Deadline for MC*
Oral Defense for MC*
March Graduation Ceremony*

*For April Entrants

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony in September, 2015

 Academic Time Table

  •  Master’s Course
First Year of Master’s Course
Focusing on taking required subjects
Second Year of Master’s Course
Finishing taking required subjects   *see the details
Required to submit a thesis and an oral defense
  • Doctoral Course
First Year of Doctoral Course
 Focusing on research activities and seminars
Second Year of Doctoral Course
Focusing on research activities and seminars
Start of publication process to peer-reviewed international journals
Third Year of Doctoral Course
Finishing research activities and publication to peer-reviewed international journals
Required to submit a thesis and an oral defense