Laboratory of Silviculture and Forest Ecology

Regulation of photosynthetic allocation via biological and environmental stress


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  • SHIBUYA Masato
  • Professor
  • Doctor(Agriculture)


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  • MIYAMOTO Toshizumi
  • Lecturer
  • Doctor(Agriculture)


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  • SAITO Hideyuki
  • Lecturer
  • Doctor(Agriculture)


Researchers’ directory


Selected Publications

  1. Koike T. et al. (2012) Growth and photosynthetic responses of cuttings of a hybrid larch (Larix gmelinii japonica × L. kaempferi) to elevated ozone and/or carbon dioxide. Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment, 6:104-110.
  2. Watanabe M.- Koike T. (2012) Effects of nitrogen load on the growth and photosynthesis of hybrid larch F1 (Larix gmelinii japonica × L. kaempferi) seedlings grown on serpentine soil. Environmental and Experimental Botany 83, 73-81.
  3. Hoshika Y.- Saito H, Koike T. (2013) Effect of ambient ozone at the somma of Lake Mashu on growth and leaf gas exchange in Betula ermanii and platyphylla var. japonica. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 90: 12-16.
  4. Watanabe M, – Koike T. (2013) Photosynthetic traits of Siebold’s beech and oak saplings grown under free air ozone exposure in northern Japan. Environmental Pollution, 174: 50-56.
  5. Saito H. (2013) A review of whole genome sequence analysis of woody plants. Forest tree breeding of Hokkaido, 56: 18-24. (In Japanese)

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