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Genetics underlying genome dynamisms and phenotypic changes in rice and snapdragon


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  • KISHIMA Yuji
  • Professor
  • Doctor(Agriculture)


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  • KOIDE Yohei
  • Associate Professor
  • Ph.D (Agriculture)


Researchers’ directory

Selected Publications

  1. Chen, S., Liu, R., Koyanagi, K.O., Kishima, Y. (2014). Rice genomes recorded ancient pararetrovirus activities: virus genealogy and multiple origins of endogenization during rice speciation. Virology 471-473, 141-152.
  2. Ishiguro, S., Ogasawara, K., Fujino, K., Sato, Y., Kishima, Y. (2014). Low temperature-responsive changes in the anther transcriptome’s repeat sequences are indicative of stress sensitivity and pollen sterility in rice strains. Plant Physiology 164, 671-682.
  3. Uchiyama, T., Hiura, S., Ebinuma, I., Senda, M., Mikami, T., Martin, C., Kishima, Y. (2013). A pair of transposons coordinately suppresses gene expression, independent of pathways mediated by siRNA in Antirrhinum. New Phytologist 197, 431-440.
  4. Liu, R., Koyanagi, K.O., Chen, S., Kishima, Y. (2012). Evolutionary force of AT-rich repeats to trap genomic and episomal DNAs in the rice genome: lessons from endogenous pararetrovirus. The Plant Journal 72, 817-828.
  5. Funabiki A., Takano, S., Matsuda, S., Tokuji, Y., Takamure, I., Kato, K. (2013). The rice REDUCED CULM NUMBER11 gene controls vegetative growth under low-temperature conditions in paddy fields independent of RCN1/OsABCG5. Plant Science 211, 70–76.

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