Laboratory of Ornamental Plants and Landscape Architecture

Landscape planning and management of urban and rural open spaces.


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  • AIKOH Tetsuya
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  • Ph.D (Agriculture) 


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Selected Publications

  1. Aikoh, T., Shoji, Y., Tsuge, T., Shibasaki, S., & Yamamoto, K. (2018). Application of the double-bounded dichotomous choice model to the estimation of crowding acceptability in natural recreation areas. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism (in press).
  2. Mieno, T., Shoji, Y., Aikoh, T., Arnberger, A., & Eder, R. (2016). Heterogeneous preferences for social trail use in the urban forest: A latent class model. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening19, 20-28.
  3. Aikoh, T., Abe, R., Kohsaka, R., Iwata, M., & Shoji, Y. (2012). Factors influencing visitors to suburban open space areas near a northern Japanese city. Forests3(2), 155-165.
  4. Kaneko, K. and Mtsushima, H. (2017). Coastal sand dune ecosystem services in metropolitan suburbs: effects on the sake brewery environment induced by changing social conditions. Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 4(28), 1-14.
  5. Takayama, N., Petrova, E., Matsushima, H., Furuya, K., Ueda, H., Mironov, Y., Petrova, A., Aoki, Y. (2015). Values, Concerns, and Attitudes Toward the Environment in Japan and Russia: Examination of the Differences and Causes. Urban and Regional Planning Review 2, 43-67.

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