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Empirical studies of forest policy and economics


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  • SHOJI Yasushi
  • Professor
  • Doctor(Agriculture)


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  • OWAKE Tatsuya
  • Assistant Professor
  • Doctor (Agriculture)


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Selected Publications

  1. Shoji, Y. and Tsuge, T. (2015) Heterogeneous preferences for winter nature-based tours in sub-frigid climate zones: a latent class approach, Tourism Economics 21 (2): 387-407.
  2. Kakizawa, H. (2015) Historical typology of collaborative governance; Modern forest policy in Japan, In: Tanaka, K. and Inoue, M. eds. Collaborative Governance of Forests, University of Tokyo Press. pp 15-38.
  3. Kakizawa, H. (2015) Development process of timber harvesting in Khabarovsk Region, Russian Federation. In: Haruyama, S. and Shiraiwa, T. eds. Environmental Change and the Social response in the Amur River Basin. Springer. pp 217-230.
  4. Kubo, T. and Shoji, Y. (2014) Spatial tradeoffs between residents’ preferences for brown bear conservation and the mitigation of human-bear conflicts. Biological Conservation 176: 126–132.
  5. Shoji, Y., Nakao, N., Ueda, Y., Kakizawa, H. and Hirai, T. (2014) Preferences for certified wood products in Japan: A case study on interior finishing materials. Forest Policy and Economics 43: 1-9.

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