Laboratory of Forest Bioresource Technology

Interdisciplinary approach for sustainable use of wood and other forest resources


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  • TAMAI Yutaka
  • Professor
  • Dr. Agr.


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  • KODA Keiichi
  • Associate Professor
  • Ph.D (Agriculture)


Researchers’ directory

Selected Publications

Matsumoto T., Koda K., Shigetomi K., Kumar M., Uraki Y. Comparison of dehydrogenation polymers by commercial enzymes, laccase from Rhus vernicifera and horseradish peroxidase. Lignin 1, 20-28 (2020).

Koda K., Taira S., Kubota A., Isozaki T., You X., Uraki Y., Sugimura K., Nishio Y. Development of lignin-based terpolyester film and its application to separator material for electric double-layer capacitor. Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology 39(3), 199-214 (2019).

Miyamoto T., Koda K., Kawaguchi A., Uraki Y. Ligninolytic activity at 0°C of fungi on oak leaves under snow cover in a mixed forest in Japan. Microbial Ecology 74(2), 322-331 (2017).

Afrida, S., Watanabe, T. and Tamai, Y. A pronounced improvement of the kappa number reduction and pulp properties associated with the use of extracellular enzymes secreted by selected fungal strains. Bioresources 12, 8272-8285 (2017).

Tamai, Y., Sandan, P., Gaman, S. and Prawira, Y. Ethnic Plant resources in central Kalimantan. In Tropical Peatland Ecosystems, Springer Tokyo, pp.551-559 (2016).

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