Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Land Management

Study on catchment sediment dynamics for land management and disaster prevention


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  • YAMADA Takashi
  • Professor
  • Doctor (Agriculture)


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  • KASAI Mio
  • Professor
  • Ph.D (Environmental Sciences)


Researchers’ directory
  • KATSURA Shin'ya
  • Assistant Professor
  • Ph.D (Agriculture)


Researchers’ directory

Selected Publications

  1. Tectonic and volcanic forcing on fluvial systems: two case studies from Japan. Parkner, T and Kasai, M., 2014, Past Global Changes magazine.
  2. LiDAR-derived DEM evaluation of deep-seated landslides in a steep and rocky region of Japan, Kasai, M., Ikeda, M., Asahina, T., Fujisawa, K., 2009. Geomorphology

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