Laboratory of Agricultural Bio-System Engineering

Effective utilization of biological wastes and biomass


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  • IWABUCHI Kazunori
  • Professor
  • Doctor(Agriculture)


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  • SHIMIZU Naoto
  • Associate Professor
  • Doctor(Agriculture)


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  • ITOH Takanori
  • Assistant Professor
  • Ph.D (Agriculture)


Researchers’ directory


Selected Publications

  1. Piash, M.I., Iwabuchi, K., Itoh, T., and Uemura, K. Release of essential plant nutrients from manure- and wood-based biochars. Geoderma 397, 115100 (2021).
  2. Itoh, T., Iwabuchi, K., Maemoku, N., Sasaki, I., and Taniguro, K. A new torrefaction system employing spontaneous self-heating of livestock manure under elevated pressure. Waste Management 85, 66–72 (2019).
  3. Karyadi, J.N.W., Shimizu, N., Ohmiya, K., and Kimura, T. Optimization air supply on cattle manure composting in packed-bed reactor. CIGR International Symposium on “Sustainable Bioproduction–Water, Energy, and Food”, 22FOS9-05, September 19–23, 2011, Tokyo, Japan, (2011).
  4. Neves, M.A.D., Shimizu, N., Kimura, T., and Shiiba, K. Kinetics of bioethanol production from wheat milling by-products. Journal of Food Process Engineering 30, 338–356 (2007).

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