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  • KOSEKI Shigenobu
  • Professor
  • Ph.D (Agriculture)


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  • KOYAMA Kento
  • Associate Professor
  • Ph.D (Agriculture)


Researchers’ directory


Selected Publications

  1. Matsui, T., Kamata, T., Koseki, S., Koyama, K. Development of automatic detection model for stem-end rots of ‘Hass’ avocado fruit using X-ray imaging and image processing. Postharvest Biology and Technology, in press (accepted on June 4, 2022)
  2. Tsujihashi, M.#, Tanaka, S.#, Koyama, K., Koseki, S.  Application of time-temperature indicator/integrator based on the Maillard reaction to frozen food distribution.  Food and Bioprocess Technology, available online on May 6, 2022.
  3. Takeoka, K., Abe, H., Koyama, K., Koseki, S. Experimentally observed Campylobacter jejuni survival kinetics in chicken meat products during model gastric digestion tended to be lower than model predictions. Food Microbiology. 103932 (2022).
  4. Kukuminato, S., Koyama, K., Koseki, S. Antibacterial properties of melanoidins produced from various combinations of Maillard reaction against pathogenic bacteria. Microbiology Spectrum, 9 (3), e01142-21, 2021.
  5. Lee, K., Koyama, K., Kawai, K., Koseki, S. Why does Cronobacter sakazakii survive for a long time in dry environments? Contribution of the glass transition of dried bacterial cells. Microbiology Spectrum, 9 (3), e01384-21, 2021.

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