Current research activities

Preserving and improving grain quality during post-harvest process; super-low-temperature storage for preserving rice quality; near-infrared spectroscopy for quality evaluation of agricultural products; Ohmic heating for food processing and sterilization; Rice flour production and the effective use, Development and the performance evaluation of novel packaging materials made of biomass. Ensuring microbial food safety based on predictive microbiology; Development of non-thermal processing technologies; Risk management for food processing.

Doctoral Course 3rd

  • Iweka Patricia Nneka
    Research Theme:Near-infrared Spectroscopic Sensing System for Milk Quality Determination during Milking

Doctoral Course 2nd

  • Cho Byeonghyo
    Research Theme:Development of Freshness Evaluation Method for Fresh Foods Using Deep Learning Algorithm
  • Lee Kyeongmin
    Research Theme:Elucidation of Desiccation Tolerance Characteristics of Pathogenic Bacteria Focusing on Glass Transition Phenomenon

Doctoral Course 1st

  • Abe Hiroki
    Research Theme:Development of Predictive Model for Estimating Probability of Infection by Campylobacter
  • Yamamoto Takashi
    Research Theme:Rapid Detection of Microorganisms by Using Raman Spectroscopy Microscope