Our research group aims to develop technologies pertaining to increased production and/or new utilization of woody biomass, non-timber forest products and resources, including their conversion to value-added functional materials. Our research and education cover the underlying sciences for those technologies: especially, fundamental sciences on clarification of interaction and mass balance among biotic communities in forest.

Current research activities

  • Cultivation, breeding, and molecular phylogenetic analysis of basidiomycetes
  • Clarification of symbiotic mechanism between forest plants and fungi
  • Clarification of ecological characteristics of forest plants and its application to restoration of forest vegetation
  • Clarification of ecological characteristics of forest microorganisms and exploration of their function
  • Development of unused, non-timber forest resources
  • Monitoring woody biomass-derived components in their biodegradation processes
  • Clarification of the role of lignin in plants
  • Development of novel materials/useful substances from agroforest biomass resources