International Symposium on Biomass Refinery: From Biomass Crops to Chemicals and Fuels

The International Symposium organized by the Global Station for Food, Land and Water Resources as well as co-organized by the Graduate School of Global Food Resources, the Research Faculty of Agriculture, and the Faculty of Engineering will be held on February 5th (Mon) and 6th (Tue), 2018 at Hokkaido University.

Given the rise in human population and inevitable consequences of climate change, the challenges of achieving secure and sustainable supplies of both food and energy are urgently required. Within the next 20 years, we will need to find out the ways to produce 50% more food and energy to satisfy our societies. Bio refinery of nonedible feedstocks such as lignocellulosic biomass into bio-based products (food, feed, chemicals, and materials) and bioenergy (biofuels, power and/or heat) is thought to be promising technologies to overcome upcoming situations. Generation of biomass-derived bio-products and energy has great potential to mitigate climate change, promote energy independence, and revitalize rural economies. Key issues for realization of biomass refinery include sustainable biomass crop production without reducing food production, reduction of the current high cost of lignocellulose conversion, and efficient production of high value added bio-based products. State-of-the-art technologies for biomass refinery will be presented in this international symposium, and we will discuss future perspectives on biomass refinery in order to establish bio-economy society.

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Date: February 5th (Mon) and 6th (Tue), 2018
Venue: Akira Suzuki Hall, Hokkaido University (North 13 West 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo)
Language: English
Admission: Free. Pre-registration is not required.

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