GCF member, Yasuo Yoshikuni won the 10th Yamato Scientific Award

We are pleased to announce that our GCF member, Yasuo Yoshikuni from the head of DNA Synthesis Science Program, The US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has been selected as the winner of the 10th Yamato Scientific Award for his achievements in the field of synthetic biology. He is an outstanding  young Japanese researcher who has not only pioneered technological innovation that greatly expands the possibilities of synthetic biology for a sustainable human society, but also has led many projects with international leadership.

10th Yamato Scientific Award
Development and application of novel genome engineering technologies for non-model microorganisms
Yasuo Yoshikuni


=About Yamato Scientific Award=
To commemorate the 125th Anniversary of the founding of Yamato Scientific, the ‘Yamato Scientific Award’ has been established, which will be awarded to researchers in fields including Life Sciences, Materials Sciences and Information Sciences. The award aims to honour researchers who have demonstrated originality and creativity in their respective field and to support the work of future leaders in science and technology.

Detail is here: Yamato Scientific Co.,Ltd (Only in Japanese)


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