3rd International Forum on Global Food Resources Universities’ role in contributing to Asian nations for the issues of Global Food Resources

The world population is project to reach over 9 billion by 2050.
This significant increase in population that humanity has never experienced, is outpacing our current ability of food production. If global warming continues, if the supply of food production cannot keep up the demand, we would be facing the economic disparities which would lead to an imbalance of food distribution system in the world. Therefore, in order to challenge this critical situation of global food resources, it is an urgent task for us to develop human resources who have necessary expertise through higher education.

Hokkaido University has a long history of leadership in the fields of agriculture science and fisheries sciences in Japan. We are now establishing a new graduate school “Graduate School of Global Food Resources”, which provides a new and unique education system to our potential students in the world.

To share our evolving vision for the higher education in the field of food resources in ASEAN regions, Hokkaido University decide to host the international forum in Bangkok, Thailand.

In this forum, speakers will be invited from governments, local universities and private sectors of Thailand and other Asian countries.

We believe it will be a great opportunity to deepen the understanding the issue of Global food resource in each nation and that we hope the collaboration of education and research between Hokkaido University and the institutions in ASEAN region will be further enhanced.

Date:Tue.-Wed., 13-14 December, 2016
Venue:Maruay Garden Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


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